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Just to let you know the beach hut has now been sold, I have been really pleased with all the enquiries and I have actually bought my next project from the site.
Will I never learn to resist.Thanks again, Su

thanks so much for the email, what a wonderful response the advert got,  within a day of the advert being on the site, the house has sold, so could i please ask you to remove it. Thank you so much for a wonderful and efficient service.
kind regards Rita

Just to let you know that the dolls house basement which I placed for sale on 1st Sept sold within a week !  Thanks so much for this excellent service and please remove the ad when you get the time.

Thank you so much!  I can't believe how easy you make it - I would never have considered anything like E-bay so I am very grateful to you.
 Regards from Chris.

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Sorry - now sold 

Thatched cottage by Graham Wood of "Little Homes Of England"

Top quality, hand built 12th scale thatched roof cottage with plaster and brick finish. The two rooms have an electric supply and there is an outside toilet. We are downsizing and sadly it has to go. . Looking for around £250 but will consider any reasonable offer

 Approx size: 20” wide x 15.5” deep and 21.37” high 

Enquiries welcome. Collection only (Berks) – although local delivery can be arranged at minimal costs. 

Sorry - now sold 





19/10/14 Wanted please

Plans to complete a Honeychurch 18th Century Shop.

I have a kit but the plans have gone missing.   Can anyone help? 


























































'OAKDENE MANOR'    £800 and open to close offers

This is by no means your ordinary Dolls House, it is unique in every way shape and form. If it were possible to miniaturize yourself you would be able to walk all around the Manor as if you were in a proper house as it has corridors and passages at the back and to the sides of every room, all of which have lighting in them as well as all the rooms.
We like to think of it as a Miniature Museum dedicated to the Victorian Era.

The measurements are :- Height 5ft 3"     Length 6ft 6"      Depth 2ft 1"

It stands on a custom hand made cupboard base Height 2ft 5"   Length 6ft 6"   Depth 2ft 4"

It was built without any plans of any sort as I designed it myself from my own vision in my head of what I wanted it to look like. It took my husband and I three years to build and complete it.

The roof is covered by over 3,000 individually hand cut wooden tiles that were glued individually into place. Every floor board was painstakingly cut, stuck and stained by hand.

'Oakdene Manor' has {28} larger than average  rooms altogether, with corridors and stairs for the servants to have gained access to every floor and room. And then of course there are the main entrances to each room that the family would have used.

Doors have been put either at the back or to the sides of all the rooms to enable you to see through the house as much as possible. It is fully lit and has glowing fire grates in every room.

The lighting is run mainly from copper tape and solder except for the basement and first floor which run on the socket circuit.

The basement and first floor is one combined unit but the second, third and fourth floors are separate units stacked on top of each other obviously this had to be done for transportation purposes due to the size and weight of it.

The rooms consist of....................from the bottom left of the Manor to the top left :-





The house is being sold as the house only and without any furniture etc although these might be available by separate negotiation.

As you can see all the rooms in 'Oakdene Manor' are fully furnished both with many hand made items and some shop bought items, there are so many letters and personal things in the cupboards and draws, desks, jewellery boxes and cabinets, the kitchen dressers are fully equipt with miniature kitchenware of that time, all the food was hand made by me or other artisans, all the bedding I made myself, the Tudor bed I decorated with lace, there are far too many items to mention you truly have to see it to believe it , the chandelier in the formal dining room was over £70 alone and the one in the ballroom is a crystal chandelier and that cost over a £100, the two white display cabinets in the formal dining room are filled with miniature glass ornaments all hand made and the price ranged from £8 to £30 each.

As I said earlier this is not your general dolls house, we spent a fortune on creating and furnishing the Manor, the photo's don't do it justice so if you would like to view it or you need anymore information then email me on and we can make arrangements.

For house only without furniture - £800 or near offer

Furniture etc might be sold by separate negotiation.

Please click on images for larger photos

3 Sn851360 080214.jpg (52249 bytes)  37 Pict0062-1 080214.jpg (39751 bytes)  1 Sn851423  080214.jpg (46453 bytes)  2 Sn851424 080214.jpg (62858 bytes)  4 Pict0060 080214.jpg (31523 bytes)  

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Victorian dolls house for sale with basement. 

My mum is to ill to finish the project and would like to let someone else have the pleasure. 

The house comes with lots of accessories. The outside is finished but can be changed to suit anyone's taste. 

The height of the house is 40 inches the width is 35 inches closed and is 69.5 inches fully open. The depth of the house is 23 inches 

Please feel free to phone on 07578 096909 or email me with any questions. 

I'm asking for £250 ono 

Based in West Bromwich West Midlands.  Sorry but would have to be collection only as can't deliver 

Please click on images for larger photos

image1-1 41014.jpg (76731 bytes)  image2-1 41014.jpg (80857 bytes)  image3-1 41014.jpg (73210 bytes)  image4-1 41014.jpg (52818 bytes)


Really lovely original Triang Stockbroker No 93 for sale .This is a lovely old house in very good condition from  the 1940's  It was kept in a toy museum for many years .It requires some work but would be a great buy for someone .
It's aprox 48 inches wide and 2 stories high.
It has 4 rooms ,2 halls , bathroom and garage.
It also has a small garden room.
If your interested call  Deirdre on 07980313455.or email me at

Price is £400 .cash on collection.

Please click on images for larger photos

image 031014.jpg (79411 bytes)  image-4 031014.jpg (73538 bytes)  image-5 031014.jpg (61420 bytes)  image-6 031014.jpg (67290 bytes)

'PRESTON MANOR'  Sorry now sold

Beautiful dollshouse constructed from a kit, complete with lighting, furniture, miniatures and two transformers. I have made the furniture from quality kits, and handmade the kitchen range and basement floor tiles.

There is scope to complete the base to own requirements, and to continue furnishing the interior.

Dimensions:  Height 45in/114cm. Length 47in/120cm. Width 23in/58cm (house18in/46cm).
There are eight rooms plus hall and landings in the main house and five rooms in the basement.
The dollshouse may be viewed in the North London area.
Payment by cash on collection.

This is a large, heavy item. The roof parts and basement separate to ease transport, but it would still require two strong people to lift it, and will have to be taken down 15 stairs.

Sorry now sold 

Please click on images for larger photos

Image1 040914.jpg (78353 bytes)  Image15 040914.jpg (111565 bytes)  Image11 040914.jpg (101246 bytes)  Image2 040914.jpg (52371 bytes)  Image3 040914.jpg (36059 bytes)    

Image6 040914.jpg (56681 bytes)  Image7 040914.jpg (59801 bytes)  Image8 040914.jpg (58605 bytes)  Image10 040914.jpg (88896 bytes)  Image5 040914.jpg (45730 bytes)

Image12 040914.jpg (69125 bytes)  Image13 040914.jpg (97201 bytes)  Image14 040914.jpg (96121 bytes)  Image4 040914.jpg (55202 bytes)  Image9 040914.jpg (45190 bytes)

800 mm wide  -  800 mm high  -  300 mm deep  all sizes approx
6 rooms  -  1 hallway  - 2 landings
Fully decorated and electrically lit in all rooms and landings
Interesting staircase with full dog legs, ballustrades and carpeted treads
Hallway  -  Parquet wood effect tiled floor
Kitchen  -  Quarry tile effect floor
All other rooms have hand made oak or pine planked floor boarding
Handmade skirting boards and coving
2 Period style fireplaces (one of these is definitely handmade, not sure about the other)
Hand made curtains and pelmets
Never been used or played with.  Some very minor cosmetic touches required.
Further details and more photos if required.  Please email me with any queries
PRICED AT £450.00 
LOCATION - TEIGNMOUTH DEVON.  Viewing welcomed by appointment

Please click on images for larger photos

Imga0238 221012.jpg (78116 bytes)  Imga0239 22 1012.jpg (78141 bytes)















For sale

Lectromatic dolls house with additional basement extension and conservatory, decorated and full electrics, bathroom suite, 

original main part of house, 4 rooms,( wdth 11 inches x depth 14 x height 8)  plus 2 attic rooms (11 x 14) with dormer windows, hall, stairs landings,
Basement extension, 2 rooms same sizes as above, 1 room 16w x 14d x 8h) conservatory, range cooker in kitchen.
Total length, 4 feet wide x 3 feet high x 2 feet deep, house can be separated from basement for transporting, ikea unit on which it is standing included if wanted,
buyer to collect, Washington area,
cash on collection, £250 ono, or telephone 01914162675

Please click on images for larger photos

Pb090453 280114.jpg (36317 bytes)  Pb090456 280114.jpg (54478 bytes)  Pb090458 280114.jpg (43370 bytes)  Pb090457 280114.jpg (30188 bytes)


23/08/14 Dolls House for sale

This dolls house was a kit and the price includes all that is in the pictures.

The house is 3 foot high, 16 inch wide and 15 inches deep.

The overall size with garden and plinth is 34 inches wide and 18 inches deep.

Baby’s room, Lounge Tea room garden with green house.

Lots of quirky things cakes salt pepper mill conkers, Toys. Shoes.

Selling because I would like to start another project.

£395.00  ONO

Collect from Maidstone Kent.

Phone Lisa on 07934538968


Click on images for larger photos.

dolls house 011 220814.jpg (93880 bytes)  044 220814.jpg (88850 bytes)    dolls house 010 220814.jpg (69326 bytes)  dolls house 017-1 220814.jpg (74295 bytes)















Price £200

House measures 70cmW x 23cmD x 57cmH.   Weight approx. 9kg.

This 1/24th scale dolls house was built by Bryan Frost in 9mm and 6mm plywood. I have partially decorated the exterior with real brick slips by Richard Stacey, and air dried clay tiles from Romney Miniatures.
The ground floor is wired and has 3 ceiling lights fitted and the interior has had one coat of white paint. Stairs, railings and windows can be removed for decorating.
Sale includes sufficient tiles to complete the roof and some surplus brick slips.

Sadly I am unable to complete the project due to ill health and so must sell.


Click on images for larger photos.

photo 1-1 260214.jpg (67639 bytes)  photo 2-1 260214.jpg (73865 bytes)  photo 3-1 260214.jpg (49192 bytes)  photo 4-1 260214.jpg (50562 bytes)

28/05/14 Detached house made from 6/9 mm birch ply. 

Everything is handmade including windows which are individually glazed, doors and stairs. lovely features including beamed ceilings wood/tiled floors and an inglenook fireplace. 

Externally over 4000 brick slips to front and gable ends with head and stretcher detail. 

Full electric system with individual switch lights. 

I'm sure that a serious collector would not be disappointed. 

This is a lovely house, please phone for more details or photos. 

£700 all serious offers considered. John 07504454146

Please click on images for larger photos

image-5 280514.jpg (86373 bytes)  image-1 280514.jpg (73998 bytes)  image-2 280514.jpg (59463 bytes)  image-3 280514.jpg (67743 bytes)  image-4 280514.jpg (94289 bytes)










FOR SALE - Immaculate 7 room Dolls House, 30" x 30" x 12" complete with furniture for each room - some of it over 50 years old. 

See pictures for details and phone 07771 513513 for information and to view in Watford. 

Price reduced  -  £95

Please click on images for larger photos

IMAG0128  150812 68kb.jpg (68646 bytes) IMAG0129  150812  81kb.jpg (81197 bytes)  IMAG0124  150812 77kb.jpg (77443 bytes) 

 IMAG0125  150812 82kb.jpg (82760 bytes)  IMAG0126  150812 81kb.jpg (81541 bytes)  





















Height  35 ½” (900mm). Front of roof opens up so full height when in use is 43” (1090mm)

Width 38” (960mm)

Depth 25 ½” (650mm)

This house was handmade by my late Father who was a carpenter by trade. It is sturdy and structurally sound and consists of 3 floors with a staircase leading to each floor and there are 9 rooms in total.  All rooms are decorated and carpeted and all internal doors open. There are also lights in the house although two need attention. The outside of the house is painted and has two chimneys and a balustrade running around the front of the roof. There is a small garden at the front of the house with ‘grass’ and steps leading up to the front   door.

The house needs a new owner with enthusiasm and imagination who can fill each room and make it their own design.

The house needs a little tlc but this is cosmetic so no major work. It is quite

Price £125


Please click on images for larger photos

009 200414.jpg (94440 bytes)  014 200414.jpg (65453 bytes)  

05/04/14 Dollshouse for sale

This was the house that started an interest that bacame Constructed by myself in 2000 it comes with all the miniature furniture seen.  Fully lit with transformer included.

25" high.  27.5" wide and 13" deep

Stairs can be removed for decoration.  Roof with individual tiles and can be removed.

Priced at £150  Reluctantly must go now only  £105 ovno.  Payment by cash on collection only. 

Can be viewed in Witney, West Oxfordshire.  Local delivery possible. 

Please contact if interested.

Please click on images for larger photos

20140323_161736.jpg (75221 bytes)  20140323_161810.jpg (78197 bytes)  20140323_161841.jpg (87474 bytes)  20140323_162340.jpg (75712 bytes)  20140323_162024.jpg (112743 bytes)

20140323_161909.jpg (71392 bytes)  20140323_161918.jpg (69567 bytes)  20140323_161926.jpg (76069 bytes)

20140323_162051.jpg (106726 bytes)  20140323_162103.jpg (129109 bytes)  20140323_162236.jpg (65296 bytes)




















Beautiful handmade dolls house complete with lighting, furniture, accessories and dolls – everything you see on the images, plus more.

Dimensions:  Height 107cm (42”), Width 96cm (38”), Depth 61cm (24”)

This dolls house has 4 main rooms, 4 basement rooms, 4 attic rooms and a very impressive hall with central staircase and landing.  

Other extras include: 

5 new electric lights
1 electric fire
Flower pots
Decorating items: Wallpaper, Flooring, ceiling roses, various mouldings (panels, picture rails etc).

Bargain price at £250.00 o.n.o.  To be paid by cash on collection. 

Buyer to collect from north east Hampshire

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to arrange a viewing


Please click on images for larger photos

Img_0251 8 2 12 95kb.jpg (95416 bytes)  Img_0237  8 2 12 99kb.jpg (99393 bytes)  Img_0244 8 2 12 98kb.jpg (98260 bytes)  Img_0252 8 2 12 98kb.jpg (96115 bytes)



Georgian style town house with basement 

This house has four reception rooms each with chimney breast and Robert adam style fireplaces. Skirting boards ceiling trim / dentil trim. Wooden doors and surrounds.    

Two attic bedrooms for the servants. Painted wooden doors and skirting boards. Part carpet. 

3 hallways and stairs. 2 floors carpet, 1 floor tile effect. 

The basement has one very large kitchen room that could be made into two rooms. Includes a range cooker with surround.  Plus one more good sized room undecorated with wooden fireplace undecorated. 

The outer basement has steps leading into two yard areas. 

This house is perfect for you to do your own thing, either re paint or wallpaper. One of the reception rooms does has an elaborated papered ceiling  with ceiling rose. 

The exterior was painted with farrow and ball. It may require a touch up here and there. Small screws needed for the basement hinges. 

Im selling this house due to having five more houses to work on. This house being the biggest, i need the space. 



Please click on images for larger photos

photo 1 151213.jpg (82425 bytes)  photo 2 151213.jpg (82123 bytes)  photo 3 151213.jpg (68192 bytes)  photo 4 151213.jpg (93836 bytes)

07/12/13 Dolls House Manor House for Sale £550.00

This is the most amazing 1/12th scale dolls house I have ever seen - and it is certainly the biggest! 

Built by Roy and Wendy Tomkinson (Rowen Dolls Houses) in 1996 as a special commission for Doreen Fasken for the price of £1,410.00. I have the original documents - sketches, receipt etc - which include all the ideas for the house as it was built. Designed to be like a real manor house it has the original keep building which would then have been added to over the years. 

One of the best things about this house is the fact that all the stairs do actually go somewhere - the doors lead on to corridors - it is all realistic. There is even an airing cupboard in one of the rooms! It is fully lit and there are also lit fires. 

It comes complete with its own transformer so it will be ready for new occupants to move. It has curtains at all the windows and the rooms all have pretty papers. Obviously it has some signs of wear. The little front door needs rehanging on its hinges and there are some marks on the wallpapers in places where pictures have been removed but on the whole it is in excellent condition. 

I have started to add some furniture in some of the rooms but this will not be included in the sale. The house measures 28" high, 72" wide and 21" deep. I can tell you now that you will need a transit van to collect it ( I am on the Wirral near Chester and close to major motorways) and at least two if not three strong men to lift it. That apart this is a once only opportunity to own a magnificent house which really is unique.

Please email to with any questions and if you need any more photos please let me know.

Please click on images for larger photos

1aaaaador1-1 061213.jpg (79955 bytes)  1aaaaador3-1 061213.jpg (71227 bytes)  1aaaaador5-1 061213.jpg (108993 bytes)  1aaaaador7-1 061213.jpg (82739 bytes)

























These specialised miniature models are all home made & 1/12th scale

 PUB  49½” (1260mm) wide,   30” (765mm) tall,  29” (730mm) deep


There is an ‘L’ shaped bar complete with optics, bottles, glasses, pumps, bar accessories, till, beer, wine with a mirrored backdrop. Many of the tables have accessories i.e. drinks, playing cards, ashtrays, food and there are various objects on the walls i.e. dart board, notices, menu etc. The bar includes 15 ‘customers’ of all shapes and sizes.

The restaurant area is raised with tables and chairs and various people are dining and the tables are laden with a variety of food and drinks. A kitchen complete with contents such as sink, cooker, boiler, fridge and  food is on the right hand side of the pub and a conservatory with furniture and accessories is on the left hand side. Every room in the pub is completely furnished (approximately 90 pieces of furniture and 500 accessories in total) and it is just like visiting your local! The outside has hanging baskets, window boxes and a ‘KING WILLIAM’ pub sign. Overall the condition is good although it needs a little tlc here and there but all cosmetic. Included in the price is a box of accessories consisting of material, wood, books and oddments. This pub would make a wonderful gift and an opportunity for a collector to adapt it to their own style. This is a large, heavy item and would require 2 people to lift and transport it.

Price for the King William pub has now been reduced to £295 which considering all the accessories is a bargain.


Please click on images for larger photos

002  091112.jpg (78307 bytes)  004 091112.jpg (98672 bytes)  006 091112.jpg (72923 bytes)  026 091112.jpg (72667 bytes)

028 091112.jpg (104167 bytes)  033 091112.jpg (74221 bytes)  047 091112.jpg (88743 bytes) 




















The Olde Coach Inn. 

8-room Tudor Style Dolls House for sale. Fully furnished with lights.

Now £400 (previously £650) for quick sale as we need the space.

Collect from Haslemere, Surrey.

We have owned this dolls house for 3 years, buying it locally from new. The attention to detail and the build itself is stunning. Each room is wired with 2 separate circuits. All rooms are decorated with details such as beams, tiling, carpets, curtains - all immaculately finished. I have some extra items: plates,cups etc that are not in the photos.

A small amount of repair work needed. I have tried to show all damage on the photos. 3 windows need attention (I have most of the parts but not all). A small section of roof tiling needs attention just on the right hand side below the chimney. The front door just needs some pins to make the opening smoother. I think that's it but you are more than welcome to view before you buy. 

The dimensions are 112W x 58D x 85H cm

This is heavy and we live in a house that has 25 steps down to it from the drive. Only a two man job, though, and I will be there to help. 

Please call me on 07917033607 if you are interested.       

Please click on images for larger photos

may2013 113 240613.jpg (82922 bytes)  may2013 099 240613.jpg (92676 bytes)  may2013 100 240613.jpg (84400 bytes)  

may2013 108 240613.jpg (62596 bytes)  may2013 101 240613.jpg (74869 bytes)  may2013 112 240613.jpg (56835 bytes)  

11/11/13 FOR SALE - Excellent Restoration Project - Vintage ‘Brick’ Built Villa with some Furniture

This Victorian villa style doll’s house has been in my family for sixty years.  It was not new then, but I do not know anything about its previous history, or how old it was when it was given to us.  It has never had any restoration work or decoration carried out in the last sixty years, but is basically sound and has much character with huge potential.  It would provide a very satisfying project, being in need of some TLC and upgrading. 

It is constructed of wood and ply, with bricks painted on the exterior walls and tiles painted on the roof.  The roof material has chipped along one corner and there are some woodworm holes in the walls, but these are old and the worm certainly no longer present.

The dimensions are 65cm wide x 48cm deep x 73 cm high to the top of the two chimney pots.  The second chimney stack has no pots.  

The front door is fully opening.  Access to the interior is gained via the back, which opens fully, being hinged on each corner.  There are no room divisions, but these could be added – perhaps 3-4 rooms on each floor.  With some modification to the roof, it would also be possible to add loft rooms.   There is a dark wood staircase and banister.  On the ground floor there is a fireplace with range.  There was a lighting system with central light and switch on each floor; however, this operated from batteries that are no longer available, and would have to be renewed.   

I have photographed the furniture separately as it is more easily visible like this, than all together in the house.  It is of two different scales, however it has all been used in the house so all fits despite the mismatch of scales.  Most of it is dark wood and was given to us with the house – ie is in excess of 60 years old.  It is rather too large to be of a realistic scale to the house - in the region of 1:9 scale.  The remainder of the furniture pieces are of a smaller scale – estimated to be about 1:15 as the wardrobe, for example is just over 4 inches high.  Most of these items are newer than the larger scale items, having been bought new in 1950s. 

I have indicated below which items are of the larger scale (L) and which smaller (S). 


Bed with two bolster pillows (L)

Dressing table and chair (L)

Wardrobe (S)

Chest of drawers (S)

Dining Room

Table and 3 chairs (L)

Matching dresser (L)

Telephone (L)

Sitting Room

Wooden sofa (L)

2 wooden arm chairs with cushions (L)

Coffee table (L)

Grand piano and stool (S)

Television on table (S)

Grandfather clock (S)

Coal scuttle (S)

Electric heater (S)

China jug (S)

Selling for £175 (ovno) because we would like it to be given a new lease of life, and loved again.  We are happy to sell the furniture separately from the house, although would prefer to keep the items together in sets – ie the larger scale items together and the smaller scale items together.  Please contact with requirements.

Collection from South Devon, or courier anywhere in UK at cost – likely to be in the region of £15-£20 for the house.

Further photos or information from or telephone 01548 550009

Please click on images for larger photos

Exterior 111113.jpg (74794 bytes)  Interior 111113.jpg (63170 bytes)    

 Furniture - Bedroom 2 050114.jpg (70916 bytes)  Furniture - Dining Room 2 050114.jpg (57448 bytes)  Furniture - Sitting Room 2 050114.jpg (80440 bytes)



New handmade Tudor Merchants House

Just completed this delightful timber framed Tudor house based on plans by Gerry Welch of Manorcraft and published in Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine.

The house is 1/12th scale and was built using a timber frame construction rather than box construction and this gives it a special authenticity.

There are three rooms on the ground floor, two with external doors, three rooms on the first floor one with an external door and balcony and two attic rooms with turret windows.  The front panel of each room lifts off for access. 

A ladder type stair case goes up to first and second floors, on the second floor is a gallery hallway with dormer window and two large attic bedrooms.

Each room has two lights fitted (16 in total) and comes complete with a transformer.

The house is very versatile and lends itself to furnishing as a Tudor period merchant’s house or a modern residence.  

Height   33 inches   (84 cm)

Width 48 inches    (122cm)
 26 inches    (66 cm)

I made this house as a project for my retirement; I am not a professional model maker and have priced to reflect this.  Other photos can be supplied on request, 


This is a large and heavy house therefore it will have to be collected from Telford, Shropshire.

Cash on collection.  

Price £600

Please click on images for larger photos

house front-1 061113.jpg (72289 bytes)  house open front 061113.jpg (83945 bytes)  house open middle 061113.jpg (64279 bytes)  house side 061113.jpg (86309 bytes)

open door 061113.jpg (97653 bytes)  open left 061113.jpg (86381 bytes)  turret-1 061113.jpg (80777 bytes)  outer balcony 061113.jpg (63739 bytes)

28/10/13 Sorry - Now sold

Every dolls house collection should include a contemporary property and this is a unique opportunity to own the much sought after "Clearview".

'Clearview' is a four storey dolls house measuring just over 30 inches tall and 31 inches wide. The house features such modern details as double glass doors, sliding glass doors, balconies, a roof terrace and contemporary style and design. 
The base of Clearview is 80cms (31 1/2") wide. The House is 77cms (Appx 30 1/4") wide, 79.5cms (Appx 31") high 
Roof Terrace
Two Balconies
Modern Design
Over Twenty Windows
Floating Partitions
Four Storey
Designer glass panelled double doors welcome you into this beautiful, spacious and light contemporary house. Its open plan design with interior stairs, 2 glass fronted balconies, 1 single and 2 double sliding doors and full length windows throughout, allow a Clearview through the house at almost any angle. There is also a roof terrace with access from the top floor.  On the first floor, a chic kitchen contains everything you could want in a real kitchen.

A smart reception room leads to a contemporary dining room through a glass sliding door.    Dolls can reach the stylish bedroom up a neat wooden staircase.  There is also a gym, a chic bathroom and there is a roof terrace with outdoor seating, a jacuzzi and bbq.    Its front opens on hinges to view the property’s many wonderful secrets.  There is an outdoor patio with seating area.  It's the kind of décor buyers in real life might pay thousands for.


99% of the miniatures inside are from Elf Miniatures, most of which have working parts.  Every miniature was carefully selected and is of the highest standard.
Clearview is situated on a beautiful Perspex stand, specially made for it, to be just the right height for dolls house lovers to enjoy all the delights this house brings.
'Clearview' can be seen in the TV advertisement for UKHomes:-
A purchase not to be missed which includes almost every beautiful modern miniature imaginable, too numerous to list here.
Clearview, including Perspex stand and all dolls and miniatures £500 ono   Purchaser must collect.  Prestwich, North Manchester area.   


Sorry - Now sold

Would be happy to sell the house and stand, without miniatures, for £250

Please click on images for larger photos

Img_1059 281013.jpg (68624 bytes)  Img_1055 281013.jpg (52740 bytes)  Img_1057 281013.jpg (73351 bytes)  Img_1058 281013.jpg (45152 bytes)  Img_1035 281013.jpg (45318 bytes)

Img_1062 281013.jpg (46300 bytes)  Img_1064 281013.jpg (49539 bytes)  Img_1069 281013.jpg (53154 bytes)  Img_1070 281013.jpg (54627 bytes)  Img_1050 281013.jpg (52680 bytes)

Img_1072 281013.jpg (49890 bytes)  Img_1076 281013.jpg (61186 bytes)  Img_1079 281013.jpg (74626 bytes)  Img_1081 281013.jpg (49229 bytes)  Img_1045 281013.jpg (67194 bytes)

Img_1028 281013.jpg (51123 bytes)  Img_1039 281013.jpg (49684 bytes)  Img_1032 281013.jpg (60864 bytes)  Img_1056 281013.jpg (68902 bytes)  

1:12 Scale Victorian House For Sale.
H 96cm  L83cm  W42cm
This house has 6 rooms, plus a hallway and a patio/garden, over 2 floors.  The entire house is fully painted and decorated with lights and transformer.  It is part furnished only.
Must be sold, due to no longer having the room.
Payment by cash on collection  £395
mobile  07788516118
location Eastbourne BN22 7JG

Please click on images for larger photos

Hpim0552-2 231013.jpg (64186 bytes)  Hpim0554-1 231013.jpg (83727 bytes)  Hpim0556-1 231013.jpg (87565 bytes)  Hpim0559-1 231013.jpg (84131 bytes)



















This lovely  wooden dolls house is painted in pale blue and cream, immaculate condition 

Height 26",  Depth 17", Width 31" 

2 bedrooms,  1 lounge, 1 dining room, 1 bathroom 

All rooms  have working lights, including hall and landings. Lounge and dining room have  working fires 

All rooms  furnished with wallpaper and carpets except the bathroom which has a tiled floor  and a floor covering in the kitchen 

Hall and 2  landings all with wallpaper and carpets 

Selling due  to lack of space for £495 ono  which includes all of the furniture and  accessories, further photos on request. Cash only on collection. 

Due to size  and weight, collection only from Banbury, Oxfordshire 

For further  photos and/or enquiries please contact email address: 

Please click on images for larger photos

009 151212.jpg (71083 bytes)  010 151212.jpg (85069 bytes)  002 151212.jpg (83430 bytes)  011 151212.jpg (69194 bytes)  003 151212.jpg (71906 bytes)  

004 151212.jpg (73378 bytes)  008  151212.jpg (85183 bytes)  007-2  151212.jpg (85971 bytes)  006 151212.jpg (59038 bytes)  005-2  151212.jpg (84950 bytes)


25/9/13 This exceptional Dolls House started life as D.H.E. Queen Anne house and basement kits.

The Dolls House was expertly put together, and benefits greatly from a bespoke, craftsman designed and built cabinet, upon which it is displayed.

The cabinet is mounted on top quality concealed castors, enabling the whole construction to be turned and moved about with incredible ease. On a solid floor the base of the cabinet floats about 1” above the floor, with the castors completely concealed. On a carpeted floor the castors sink slightly into the pile, but the cabinet still floats freely, whichever way you want it to turn the cabinet is constructed from M.D.F. with solid timber mouldings. There is no finish on the cabinet, so it can be waxed, stained or painted, as you wish.

The cabinet provides valuable extra storage for all those little extras that haven’t quite found a home in the dolls house. .

The Dolls House comprises an entrance hall, leading to 2 reception rooms, which could be a dining room and gentleman’s study. A dog leg stair case, with spindles, handrail and with a half- landing, leads to the 1st floor. From the landing are reached 2 more reception rooms, which may be drawing room and music room. A further dog-leg stair case, with spindles, handrail and half-landing, leads to the 2nd floor. >From here are reached 2 bedrooms.

The house benefits from a loft conversion, which adds 3 small attic rooms, which could be a nursery, bathroom and possibly a maids room.

Access to the loft is by simply lifting off the front section of the roof.

The basement section of the house comprises 4 large rooms, with interconnecting doors. The rooms are currently laid out as kitchen, scullery and servants quarters. They could easily be converted into a self- contained apartment.

The basement is accessed by opening, hinged panels on each side of the house, which are made so much more accessible, by the manoeuvrability of the house on its cabinet.

The Entrance Front of the house is reached by an impressive range of “stone” steps, with balustrades, surrounding a secluded grotto. There is ample space on the steps to display pots and troughs of plants and flowers.

The exterior of the house is painted to give the effect of mellow Bath Stone. The interior is basically decorated with wallpaper.

The house comes complete with a 4 oven AGA style cooker and large chimney breast surround.

All the furniture and dolls as seen in the pictures is included. Also included is a large shoebox of assorted accessories.

All interior doors and architraves are included.

There is no wiring or lighting.

The Dimensions are as follows and measured in inches:-

Overall Height – 69”
Overall Width – 35 5/8”
Overall Depth – 35 5/8”

Cabinet Dimensions; -  Height – 15”
                                  Width – 35 5/8”
                                  Depth – 35 5/8”

Basement Dimensions; - Height – 10 ¾”
                                    Width – 33 3/8”
                                    Depth – 20 7/8”

Entrance Stairs Dimensions; - Height – 12 5/8”
                                            Width – 32 3/8”
                                            Depth – 12 ¼”

Main House Dimensions; - Height – 43 ½”
                                       Width – 35 1/8”
                                       Depth – 18”

The house can be viewed in its complete state in the Stockport area. SK6 5DF

The buyer will be responsible for their own transportation costs.

The house breaks down easily into 4 main manageable sections.

Reason for Sale ; - Daughters abandoned project.

Price; - £1200 o.n.o.

Payment by cash on collection.

Please contact me by email or mobile 07552 239574

Please click on images for larger photos  

20130915_173415 250913.jpg (66132 bytes)  20130915_173017 250913.jpg (74022 bytes)  20130915_173732 250913.jpg (82713 bytes)  20130915_180229 250913.jpg (74908 bytes)  20130915_172226 250913.jpg (47134 bytes)























Very attractive and large professionally built american style dolls house . Clapboard exterior with inset porch and 2 jeffersion style columns . Bay windows to front .Hinged panel to rear giving access to loft rooms and landing . Fully decorated in neutral colours, wired with lights / chandeliers ( transformer included ) Steps to porch and Orangery threshold .
Overall size including extension and Orangery approximately 175 wide x 50 deep x 75 high ( balustrades add 5.5 cm )
Main House
8 Rooms , Entrance Hall and Landing .
Front  4 rooms @ 35 wide x 33 deep x 25 high .
Entrance Hall : 28 wide x 43 deep x 52 high
Rear  4 rooms @ 35 wide x 24 deep x 25 high 
Landing : 30 wide x 40 deep x 20 high
Loft rooms : 2 @ 30 wide x 40 deep x 20 high
Side extension : 2 rooms 30 wide x 40 deep x 23 high  
Single storey Orangery : 38 wide x 43 deep x 26 high
All sizes are approximate 
Table included    
More photo's available if required

Located - Essex Canvey Island.  You are welcome to come and look at the house.

For more information please contact  seller  
Price : £500 or near offer

Or phone  01268 510021

Please click on images for larger photos  

Picture 2512 10 10 12.jpg (53808 bytes)  Picture 2519 10 10 12.jpg (48102 bytes)  Picture 2520 10 10 12.jpg (55426 bytes)  Picture 2523 10 10 12.jpg (52473 bytes)  Picture 252510 10 12.jpg (57685 bytes)




OOAK Hand Carved Tree House by Roy Williams.

This lovely house was made by Roy Williams and is hand carved from an original tree, with lots of detailing in the wood, Wooden Roof Tiles, Steps with Rope Handrail, Pewter Door Handle & Hinges by Sussex Crafts, A small Bat by Annie Willis ( Fine Design) hanging in the eaves of the roof and a small mouse hiding away in the Tree stump.
Grey stone Paving with Grass & Moss effect Base.
The House only has one small room & would be ideal for a Witch or Goblin House and lots of outside detailing could be added with wild plants & flowers.
House is in as new condition as I have not had time or space to make a start on this new project.
Postage can be arranged by Courier by myself or any interested Buyers or Collection from me. It may also be possible to arrange collection at one of the Miniature Fairs which I visit.


Please click on images for larger photos  

image 050913.jpg (62909 bytes)  image-1 050913.jpg (41325 bytes)  image-2 050913.jpg (60969 bytes)  image-3 050913.jpg (63646 bytes)



“Grand Design in need of completion”  


Hand made by skilled joiner using traditional building methods.

In the style of a mansion house, built over 4 floors including attic. 10 rooms, large hallway and hand crafted staircase, 4 attic rooms.

Wood panelling on walls and floors, fireplaces throughout.  

This house has been constructed over the last 11 years.  Sadly the builder has passed away so it requires completion. The quality of the building has to be seen to be believed.

All doors are hand made, as are the working sash windows. Conduit throughout for electrical wiring. Ceilings have removable panels, roof section can also be removed for access.

Front and rear access by hinged panels.

Hand made components are available to aid completion in the same build style.

Total house height 55.75 inches.

House section dimensions - 33" high x 46.5" wide x 28" deep (front to back)

Roof section dimensions - 22" high x 50.75" side x 34" deep (front to back)

Scale 1/12

More photos available on request.

Buyer to make arrangements for transporting.

Reasonable offers in the region of £1500 considered.


Please click on images for larger photos  

DSC00371 190813.jpg (65082 bytes)  DSC00354 190813.jpg (64486 bytes)  DSC00355 190813.jpg (54931 bytes)  DSC00347 190813.jpg (46014 bytes)

09/08/13 For Sale

Dolls house 1930s style.  The house is a "Mountfield". It is fully constructed and decorated on the outside, but there is no decoration inside. Not yet decorated so allowing you to complete it to your own taste.

Opens from both the front & both sides.  Also has a useful loft and is on a turntable.

Sizes: Height 30in x Depth 26in x Width 23in

Some coving, skirting & lots of other extras included for completion.

Priced for sale at £400 or a near offer.  Cash on collection only please.

House may be viewed in the Corby, Northamptonshire area.

Please email me or call on 01536 460875 or mobile 07874010082

Please click on images for larger photos  

Cimg0838 090813.jpg (54877 bytes)  Cimg0841 090813.jpg (37327 bytes)  Cimg0840 090813.jpg (32449 bytes)  Cimg0837 090813.jpg (46120 bytes)





















































Very large Victorian Dolls house and basement. Contains 11 rooms:-


3 Bedrooms

3 Living rooms

1 Dining room

1 Kitchen

The doll’s house belonged to my Late Husband who spent many happy hours, months and years, building it. In the eight years he worked on building it and buying items and furniture all over the world in our travels he must have spent well in the excess of about £8000.


Top room/ Nursery including cot, bed and all toys, Nanny in chair with baby

Top bathroom: Lovely bathroom suite

Top floor:

Master Bedroom with Mother doll. This is a lovely room. Note, hats, Singer Sewing machine, slippers, shoes, dressing table set, and photos in wardrobe, working lights.

Master Bathroom: This is a truly lovely room. Note, toilet paper, toothbrushes, towels etc.

2nd Floor:

Main Sitting Room: Father doll and Friend doll. Display cabinet along with dining service and lots of other items.

Fire place has working lights. Chess set on table. Mantel clock, working candles.

Dining room: This room has so much. Table has wine glasses, cutler set, dinner service. Sideboard has loads of items, silver tea set etc.

1st Floor

2nd Sitting room:  Granny Doll and 2 Children dolls. Again, you have to study photo as there are lots of items.

Kitchen There is so much in this room. The stove has working lights. The cupboards are full of items. The knife is in the Cooks hand is a Japanese knife.

2 Cook dolls, plus Maid doll.


Servants Room: Butler cleaning Cutlery with Brasso tin in his book.

Bathroom in background.

Cook and Butler’s room: See picture for details

This house is the most wonderful piece of work done.

It is with a sad hearth I have to sell this house, due to the death of my husband, I do not have the space for it now.

I just do not know how to list all its contents as it just has so much, everything he bought was the best he could buy, for example the big main cooker, all lights up and everything is perfect to scale, I believe this item alone cost him in the excess of £400.

Then there are things like the gold Japanese gong, the real Japanese knifes, silver tea sets, etc etc, etc.

I also feel lost as how much to sell this item for, but due to its extensive high quality contents and knowing how much he spent on it I would need to ask for offers in the region of £2500.

Due to the size and fragile nature of all the items I would like this item collected by the person purchasing it please.  

The size of the house is:  Height 43”  Depth with basement 27”  Width 28”

All the rooms are wired and lit, complete with all transformers, etc, even the fireplaces  and cookers light up.

This house can be viewed in Barnstaple Devon  

Any questions please feel free to contact me on 01271 325375 or my son at work on 01237 422936.

Or email 

Many thanks for looking.

Please click on images for larger photos

7 070612 94kb.jpg (94324 bytes)  4  070612  88kb.jpg (88569 bytes)  15 070612  85kb.jpg (85041 bytes)  1 070612 84kb.jpg (84504 bytes) 2 070612 64kb.jpg (66969 bytes)  

3 070612 88kb.jpg (88762 bytes)  6  070612  94kb.jpg (94865 bytes)  8 070612   97kb.jpg (97142 bytes)  9 070512  80kb.jpg (80493 bytes)  10  070612 95kb.jpg (95479 bytes)  

11  070612  82kb.jpg (82047 bytes)  12   070612  94kb.jpg (94789 bytes)  13 070612  94kb.jpg (94659 bytes)  14 070612  97kb.jpg (97295 bytes)  Babyhouse Kitchen 3   070612 97kb.jpg (97283 bytes)  

Babyhouse Master Bedroom 070612  88kb.jpg (88951 bytes)  Babyhouse Master Sittingroom  070612 99kb.jpg (99215 bytes)  Babyhouse Inside  070612   102kb.jpg (102996 bytes)























Absolutely wonderful example of a dolls house put together lovingly over time. Wooden construction painted in a pale blue with white trim.

House comprises 8 rooms with the centimetre dimensions of 105h x 62wx 30d and then a 2 storey paved area completes this beautiful piece - the total base area covers 108w x 61d.

The rooms are assembled as follows

Children's bedroom


Master Bedroom

Living Room

Dining room


Servant's bedroom

Outside removable pavement area with lovely front garden /children's play areas complete with rabbit hutch

Beautiful conservatory with garden area.

Lower level includes a sweet and cake shop jam packed with goodies and a garden tea room area.

There's even a full set of Christmas decorations.

Mother and Father, Grandparents, 4 children and two maids live in this lovely home, together with a Westie and 2 rabbits.

More photographs availble but really to fail to do this wonderful dolls house justice.

Pick up only given the size and delicate contents.

I'm asking £550 ono for this wonderful house. Please contact Caroline on or call 02920693785.  Based in Cardiff.

Please click on images for larger photos

clip_image004 House ext.jpg (33281 bytes)  clip_image002 House.jpg (40179 bytes)





























Two Houses for sale

Major Oak Public House

height 31in /79cm
depth 12.5in/31.5cm
width 17.5in/44.5cm

A 3 storey public house, exterior grey pebble dash with black paint.
The bar area has real wood floor, handmade wooden bar with pumps, seating and stairs leading to 2nd floor.
2nd floor is bed sit with carpet, single bed, wardrobe, small table with 1 chair, cooking range and sink.
stairs leading to bathroom with full bathroom suite.
Fully  decorated with lighting and all accessories.

Please click on images for larger photos

album 1 144 Major Oak.jpg (90293 bytes)  album 1 145  Major Oak.jpg (86673 bytes)  album 1 148 major Oak.jpg (88960 bytes)  album 1 149 Major Oak.jpg (86988 bytes) album 1 150 Major Oak.jpg (94606 bytes)

The village tea room.

Dimensions are as follows
height 27in/68.5cm
depth 15in/38cm
length 36in/91.5cm

This is a lovely village tea room with fawn pebble dash/grey paint exterior.
Ground floor comprises kitchen fully equipped with cream checked flooring leading into the tea room.
3 x tables to seat 12, also small cupboard with till, small wine rack. all tables are laid with crockery and a selection of cakes. There is also a doorway leading to ladies and gents toilets.
Stairs from the tea room lead up to the 1st floor and into the bathroom which has a white bathroom suite with green trim, and cream carpet. then there is a bedsit fitted with grey carpet and single bed , white wardrobe, chest of drawers, 2 x small tables, arm chair and a plasma wall tv.
Stairs from bathroom lead to loft area which is used as storage for the tea shop.
All fully decorated, furnished and lit throughout.

Please click on images for larger photos

album 1 363   tearoom.jpg (73398 bytes)  002 tearoom.jpg (85624 bytes)  album 1 350 tearoom.jpg (82189 bytes)  album 1 352-1 Tearoom.jpg (68079 bytes)

album 1 353 tearoom.jpg (85310 bytes)  album 1 349  tearoom.jpg (74665 bytes)  album 1 347  tearoom.jpg (63855 bytes)  album 1 346    tearoom.jpg (81567 bytes)  

The price for the Major Oak is £350.00 
and for the Tea Room £425.00
We are open to sensible offers and you come to see the houses if viewing arranged in advance.
Mr and Mrs Hawkins  -  telephone number is 01623 472853 or email 


















Marshall and Snellgrove Bridal Emporium

height 32.5in

width 31.5in

depth 15in

The ground floor shop - real wood flooring, dress models, outfits and accessories, stairs leading to 1st floor.

1st floor - fitting room with screen, work table, chairs and table, also kitchen with units and sink plus an enclosed wc, stairs leading to 2nd floor.

2nd floor - workroom with coal stove, ironing board, sewing machine etc, also storeroom for materials , hats, hat stands etc.

All fully decorated and equipped with working lights.

Price £500


Please click on images for larger photos

027 181212.jpg (68925 bytes) 033  181212.jpg (68824 bytes)  028 181212.jpg (73670 bytes)  031 181212.jpg (78448 bytes)  032  181212.jpg (54141 bytes)  



Fully furnished, lights and decorated to a high standard.


37” Length x 25” Wide x 31.5” to the highest point.


The church has a rendered effect with a slate tile roof. It is on a board whereby there is paving to the front and grass around the side and to the rear of the church. Near the entrance, you will find Bill the gardener, relaxing with a flask of tea and lunch, after a busy morning of leaf collecting and mowing. There are castellations and Buttresses on the outside of the church


The church is entered via the porch, whereby you will find a tiled floor, a seat either side and a leaflet rack, advertising up and coming church events.

You then enter via the ornate gothic arched wooden door with wrought iron fittings. Here you will stumble upon the wedding of James and Susan.


Inside you will find 7 church pews all with finely made kneeling cushions present. There is a font and ornate flower displays around the church, mounted on the walls. There are 7 windows in total which are lead light windows, one of which is beautiful stain glass.

The roof has wooden trussed beams with 2 hanging wheel candle lights, giving an authentic look!

Standing before the alter are Captain James Smith and Susan Barker, in their fine attire.

An elderly lady, their only witness, sits at a pew.

At the alter you will find the vicar, a nun and 3 choir boys, all part of the service.

Here you will also find a collection box, bibles, crosses etc.

On the west end wall is a large wooden cross with a figure of Christ on it.


In the tower there are 2 bell ringers present, pulling with all their might on the large bell ropes! (2 working bells present).

This church has been tastefully and authentically decorated and is a beautiful building as you can see in the pictures provided.

Any questions, please call on 07713347801 or alternatively e-mail on  


Please click on images for larger photos

001 220313.jpg (57015 bytes)  002 220313.jpg (73904 bytes) 005-2 220313.jpg (67710 bytes)

14/03/13 Sorry no longer available

Mayfair Dolls House, with table included.

Mayfair dolls house with basement is offered in good overall condition, painted & with wallpaper.

It has 12 rooms in all, including basement, hallway, landings and attic over 5 floors, with functioning lighting throughout. Bespoke table included.


Table:- Length: 2' 8"; Width: 1' 9; Height 1' 9;

Dolls house-  Height:- 3' 6"; Depth: 1' 3" (basement 1' 6"); Width: 2' 8" [ie., fits table].

Mostly carpeted, please NB: 2 rooms & 2 landings need to be re-carpeted.

If you are interested, 3 boxes of excellent quality furniture, dolls, crockery, cutlery, carpets and assorted accessories are available at a price to be negotiated on inspection.  Included by way of example are a Bodo Hennig fine boiler and Bodo Hennig Aga fine kitchen range, 4 Heidi Ott dolls, 4 babies, 1 granny and 1 young boy.  1 Glenowen Bureau.  2 fireplaces. 1 big box of christmas stuff, from lighting to baubles, etc. Lots of other dolls, food, and various accessories, including some wallpaper sheets of good quality, inspection welcome!

House sold empty, £ 350 cash on collection 

Sorry no longer available

Extras at price for negotiation.

Please click on images for larger photos

006 140313.jpg (48349 bytes)  002 140313.jpg (63651 bytes)  001 140313.jpg (70254 bytes)

08/03/13 FOR SALE !

Victorian Dolls House 1:12 Scale for Sale (Currently a Victorian school theme!)

Dimensions are: 28 ½ “ wide x 24 ½ height x 14 deep.

Comprised of 6 rooms plus hallways based on 3 floors. The entire house is fully decorated, fully furnished with many expensive accessories and comprises lights via a transformer.

The only thing it needs is a name of your choice!

There are even very small drawings done by the children, in the windows and an advertisement for the next school fete! A well loved project!



Bathroom has 3 toilet cubicles each with a porcelain toilet and little Mary currently occupying one cubicle! 3 porcelain sinks with taps with mirrors above each sink. If you look carefully you may even find some graffiti on the walls! A wall light also in place.


Stairs leading to the bathroom and school kitchen


A range of kitchen units all crammed with foods and tins etc. Eye level units, utensils, cooker and fridge etc. You will even find Margorie, the school cook readily preparing some culinary delights.



Here you will find 4 children currently sitting at their wooden desks, each with pencils and spelling sheets. There are wall posters, a clock. Maps, an abacus, microscope, workbooks and satchels. There is also a teacher with his desk fully laden with items.


Comprises of stairs leading to two classrooms.


Here you will find another 5 children taking part in a music lesson, each with their own musical instruments including a violin, piano etc, all sitting on a variety of chairs and benches.



Here you will find a further 5 children each sitting at their own wooden desk, again with pencils and worksheets. There are wall posters, games, an abacus, clock, bookshelves and books and satchels. With Mr Thomas the teacher standing at his desk taking the class.


Here you will find the coat hooks, satchels and entrance to the classroom and of course Mr Potter (the headmasters) office!


Here you will find Mr Potter at his bureau, fully equipped with ink fountain, lamp and books. There are also bookshelves and display cabinets, wall pictures, fish tank, filing cabinet etc.

This is a well loved project, but I need to downsize. All this can be yours for only £250. Or near offer

I live in Canvey Island , Essex and could deliver if very local, otherwise it would need to be collected with cash on delivery. Please contact me with any questions on either: 07713347801  or alternatively  

Please click on images for larger photos

006 080313.jpg (55721 bytes)  007-2 080313.jpg (54844 bytes)  016 080313.jpg (47659 bytes)  017 080313.jpg (43064 bytes)  018-1 080313.jpg (43534 bytes)

















Fabulous Manor House dolls house for sale
Wonderful doll house for sale. Purchased in auction in 1972 and now ready to inspire the next generation.

Overall size - 144cm wide, 122cm high, 53cm deep

The property has:

3 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms and a kitchen – all 38cm wide, 30cm high and 46cm deep.

Attic, landing and hall.

Electric plugs socket and lights – all in working order.

Reasonable amount of furniture included.

Refurbished in 2006 – as it had been overloved. Now sparkling and great.
The house can be viewed near Bath, Somerset or we can give you a Skype tour of it if you would like.

Please call – all offers c. £250 discussed.

Have fun


Please click on images for larger photos

photo-6  211112.jpg (94952 bytes)  OpenHouse  211112.jpg (97094 bytes)  Some Rooms 211112.jpg (93626 bytes)  



Superb Unique Individual Dolls House

10 roomed Georgian property plus 5 hall rooms boasting many individual features .

Originally a house from "tierneys" in Yorkshire. Hand  crafted and interior finish by an Artisan
to an impressive result.
Individual crafted roof tiles/stone brick sides/rendered frontage
A unique future heirloom for generations to come.
The substantial property stands 53inch high 33inch wide .The lower  cobbled frontage and fencing are  the deepest part at 26inch
The 8 main rooms are approx 13 by 10. each with an individual bay window the two further loft rooms are angled. All windows are sash freely opening and working.Perspex is included if required.
Boasting wallpaper from exclusive outlets two rooms include freezes.The kitchen has a genuine york stone  floor in 1/12 a number of other rooms are cherry wood individually laid to appear as floorboards.
A staircase is included separately as are doors.
All electrics are fitted with an impressive two unit adapter (superior quality)two mains adapters for 136 bulbs are included.
All rooms have lighting either chandeliers or multi fittings.
All rooms have at least one spare plug for lamps etc some have three.
This house lives and breaths Individuality never failing to be a much talked about project by all visitors male female younger and elder.
Reduced to £895 due to lack of space -  must go 
This is in the Old Town of Bridlington area of East riding of Yorkshire.
Buyer must collect the front and basement are easily separated.
This house is very large and heavy it will not be put into a normal sized car.
If you wish to view or discuss anything please feel free to ring me anytime.


No furniture is included

Please click on images for larger photos

Image1 020313.jpg (77702 bytes)  Image2 0203013.jpg (71009 bytes)  Image3 020313.jpg (76430 bytes)  Image4 020313.jpg (80662 bytes)



“The Oak Inn”
Recently displayed in the Chapter House at Chester Cathedral  


Unique handmade Tudor Coaching Inn which took 4½ years to build.  The Inn is built out of solid oak timbers using painstakingly researched Tudor construction techniques.

The model has been built to 1/12th scale giving overall dimensions of

Length 49” (124 cm) x Depth 25” (64 cm) x  Height 36” (91 cm)

The model has two wings (Left and Right) separated by a porte-cochère( a  covered  carriage way). The left wing has three storeys and the right wing has two storeys. Each storey is jettied out above the one below. All the front wall sections of the model are removable being retained by hidden button magnets.

Lead flashing is used over all the bay windows.


Main Entrance Hall (Ground Floor)

The hall has a two tone tiled floor set in a diamond pattern and the main staircase leading up to the 1st floor long room (banqueting hall). The ceiling is of traditional Tudor oak beam construction.

Room Dimensions: Length 13¾” (35 cm) x  Depth 11¼” (29 cm) x  Height 7¾” (20 cm)

Kitchen (Ground Floor)

Traditional oak beam ceiling with half panelled walls and slate floor. Inglenook fireplace with double oven cooking range having a central fire for spit roasting. Fitted kitchen work benches with under shelving. Wall mounted plate rack with six pewter plates. Doors from the kitchen give access to the  main entrance hall and rear outside.

Room Dimensions: Length 9¾” (25 cm) x Depth 11¼” (29 cm) x Height 7¾” (20 cm)

Long Room (Banqueting Room) 1st Floor

A special feature is the hammer beam roof , complete with rafters and wind bracing, externally planked to carry the roof tiles. Fully oak planked floor with each individual plank nailed to cross beams. Oak paneled walls and large Tudor fireplace complete with grate and large oak over mantel.

This room has a removable roof section which reveals the hammer beam trusses and wind bracing.

Room Dimensions: Length 32¼” (82 cm) x  Depth 13½” (34 cm) x  Height 15½” (39 cm)


Lounge (Ground Floor)

Oak beam ceiling with fully paneled walls. A deep recessed fire place, on an exposed chimney breast, containing a fire basket with logs. Oak planked floor nailed to under floor joists. Oak staircase leading to first floor. This room has an oak paneled door leading out to the porte-cochère

Room Dimensions: Length 11³/8 (29 cm) x Depth 16½” (42 cm) x Height 7¾” (20 cm)

Small Dining Room  (First Floor)

This room has traditional Tudor walls showing oak timber frame construction with plaster infill. Brick chimney breast with stone surround fire place and a herring bone brick fire back. Oak staircase up to 2nd floor. Oak planked floor nailed to oak beams.

Room Dimensions: Length 13¾” (35 cm) x  Depth 18” (46 cm) x Height 7¼” (18 cm)

Bedroom   2nd Floor

This room has traditional Tudor walls showing oak timber frame construction with plaster infill. Brick chimney breast with stone surround fire place. Oak planked floor nailed to oak beams.

The room has an exposed roof built using king post oak trusses. A unique way of creating a majestic sense of space as well as a stunning architectural feature.

Room Dimensions: Length 15” (38 cm) x  Depth 19½” (50 cm) x Height 14” (36 cm)


The cobbles around the Tudor Inn are oak and number approximately 4000.
They were individually made and laid with grouting between each one.

The roof slates were individually made from oak and number approximately 4800. They were textured to give an authentic appearance and laid in a traditional manner.

The bricks used number approximately 4000 and are made of oak.

The metal and oak inn sign stands on a base unit in the right hand corner.

All doors in the Tudor Inn have working latches.

Ou tside Furniture

Leather Buckets, Wooden Buckets, Oak barrel, Horse mounting block , Horse trough and besom.

 Inside Furniture (Oak)

Grandfather Clock, Table and six Chairs including two Carvers, Round Table with four Chairs, Banqueting Table with two Benches, Small Round Occasional Table, Side Board, Settle, Two Plate Racks, Tudor Cradle, Four Poster Bed, Five stools, Blanket Chest , Corner Cabinet, Tudor Going Chair, Two Chamber Pots, Two Wheel Chandeliers with pulley, One Candelabra, Roasting Spit with trough and fire irons. Wooden Block with Carving Knife, Pewter tankard and pewter plates, Two Book Cases with miniature leather bound books. (Genesis 1 and The Beatitudes), Pots and Pans, Kitchen Table, Kitchen Sink Unit, Tudor Bow Legged Chair, Writing Desk, Ink Well and Quill, Butchers Block with Cleaver, Paintings and Shields, Lantern.

The Tudor Inn comes with a custom built transporter trolley.

Price £7000        Buyer collects
Chester  Area 


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900 270213.jpg (96447 bytes)  1001 270213.jpg (78813 bytes)  1004 270213.jpg (64321 bytes)  1006 270213.jpg (68526 bytes)  1007 270213.jpg (56846 bytes)

1009 270213.jpg (69664 bytes)  1080 270213.jpg (59515 bytes)























Victorian style 1/12 scale dolls house with conservatory

Three storey, double fronted house with bay windows, six spacious rooms, central double staircase with half landings and hand painted stained glass windows.

An extremely substantial and impressive residence designed and built by D & C Mason, Powys.

SIZES:  House –H. 38”, W. 31”, D. 153/4

              Conservatory – H. 171/2”, W. 121/2”, D. 111/2

The house can be sold with or without the contents.

The House, without contents, includes electric lights, fireplaces, kitchen range & sink.  The interior decoration is to a very high standard including hand painted panels in the dining room.

The contents are too numerous to list, and include signed embroidered pictures, and the dolls shown in the photographs.


             HOUSE, CONSERVATORY & CONTENTS - £700.00

Payment by cash on collection or delivery.

We live near Aberdeen and could deliver or meet up in the Aberdeen or Edinburgh


Please click on images for larger photos

Dolls House Front  161012.jpg (89158 bytes)  Dolls House  furnished 161012.jpg (108605 bytes)  Dolls house dining room 161012.jpg (86722 bytes)  Dolls house bedroom 161012.jpg (82966 bytes)  Dolls House kitchen 161012.jpg (93456 bytes)

Dolls House music room 161012.jpg (80285 bytes)  Dolls House nursery 161012.jpg (83244 bytes)  Dolls House Sitting room 161012.jpg (83030 bytes)  DollsHouse Edit 4 161012.jpg (94503 bytes)


Sorry - now gone

Lovely and very large Tudor dolls house made by Robert Stubbs in 1992. Made to the high standards of every Stubbs building, the house has four full floors and a fifth, attic level.

The house is beautifully finished, sturdy and a joy to furnish and re-organise. The main house is three rooms wide, with internal staircase. There are fourteen rooms in total and all are accessible, mostly by lifting out the individual front panels. There are many possibilities for using all these rooms. The attic rooms are a very interesting shape and the lowest floor has open rooms, which could be cellars, a shop, kitchen - anywhere your imagination takes you. Look at the photos to see what you could do.

The house sits on a base, also made by Robert Stubbs, designed as a storage area for your records or for work in progress on dolls house items. The house is 56" tall and 49" wide. The plinth base is 14" tall and also 49" wide.

The house has proper electrical wiring, done by Robert Stubbs, which provides lighting throughout the floors. The house is in first class condition and the price includes a selection of 1/12th scale furniture, as shown in the photos. We are very sad to sell it, but once its current (full size) home is sold, we will no longer have the space for this substantial dolls house.

The buyer would need to collect the house. The lighting system can be disconnected with a screwdriver. The house can then be divided into two sections, with the base as a third section for transportation

Sorry - now gone

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20130213_094756 160213.jpg (61653 bytes)  20130213_094921 160213.jpg (63059 bytes)  20130213_094952  160213.jpg (49783 bytes)  20130213_095050 160213.jpg (64525 bytes)  20130213_095146 160213.jpg (69528 bytes)

20130213_095207 160213.jpg (65993 bytes)  20130213_095253 160213.jpg (61776 bytes)  20130213_095541  160213.jpg (66229 bytes)  20130213_095616 160213.jpg (63986 bytes)  20130213_101431 160213.jpg (94465 bytes)



















910 X 728 X 378CM,





PHONE 01617401859 OR 

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 Dscf3849  96kb.jpg (96237 bytes)  Dscf3834  88kb.jpg (88325 bytes)  Dscf3840 96kb.jpg (96634 bytes)  

Dscf3848 100kb.jpg (100239 bytes)  Dscf3837 102kb.jpg (102079 bytes)  Dscf3841 92kb.jpg (92693 bytes)  Dscf3843 106kb.jpg (106649 bytes)

12/02/13 Bleak House"-Curiosity/Antique Shop
Brass hinged 2 door opening
Fully working lights throughout
Main room-curiosity shop/antique shop
Side room (divided by wooden dresser)-office with desk/chair working light up fireplace
Upstairs main room-2nd floor of shop space with various curio's
Upper side room (divided by parition wall)-kitchenette with sink/metal stove/table & chair/store cupboard/armchair & working light up fire
Wooden Oak roof beams
Laminate windows
Wooden front door with period detailed iron door hinges
Hand cut roof tiles
Drainpipes/gutters with added muck!
House mounted on wooden plinth
Height 76cm, width 80cm, depth 44cm
Price £650.00
All hand made from wood & oak & lovingly hand decorated throughout.  The attention to detail is fantastic.  The price advertised only just covers the amount of furniture & contents, this could easily be doubled with the cost of the actual house & the time taken to build.

Please click on images for larger photos

Image11 120213.jpg (57581 bytes)  Image10 120213.jpg (96062 bytes)  Image5 120213.jpg (86157 bytes)  Image2 120213.jpg (94667 bytes)

Image3 120213.jpg (88963 bytes)  Image4 120213.jpg (75100 bytes)    Image6 120213.jpg (79542 bytes)  Image7 120213.jpg (70051 bytes)  Image9 120213.jpg (94016 bytes)

Image8 120213.jpg (68571 bytes)  Image12 120213.jpg (72032 bytes)   Image1 120213.jpg (76912 bytes)    Image13 120213.jpg (71897 bytes)

Haversham design dolls house - made by Squirrel
The House has 3 main rooms and 2 attic rooms over 3 floors – with side opening front which has 8cm recesses to the 2 front bay windows sections and a front opening roof - large Hall with banister stair cases to each floor.
Height (not including the chimneys) 100cm (40”), Width 60 cm (24”) Depth 41cm (16”)
Wooden opening sash windows, decorated with working lights.
Priced at £275 to be paid on collection - from Harrogate area (North Yorkshire).
Pine table also available to sit the house on if required - £25
The 1/12th Teddy bear - Butler and Cook - Hand made by Josephine Parnell are also for sale at £50 each.
The Full contents can be bought under separate negotiations.
Please email  for further information

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Img_0490 110213.jpg (77298 bytes)  Img_0491 110213.jpg (85019 bytes)  Dolls House 5 110213.jpg (76414 bytes)  Img_0493 110213.jpg (95936 bytes)  Img_0494 110213.jpg (83050 bytes)

Dolls house emporium Classical Dolls House with Basement.

Wooden windows, lighting (parallel circuit), MDF textured “tiled” roof.

Not completely made so still some fun to be had completing the main house and starting on the basement.   All materials included: chimneys, skirting boards, dado rails, coving, paints, drill, soldering kit, lighting electrics, spare bulbs etc

6 rooms in the main house and 2 in the basement along with small court yard/street area.

Some furniture also included and curtains.


With textured ‘tile’ affect in art nouveaux design.  Bath, sink and toilet, gold coloured ornate radiator, mirror and gold affect towel rail, soap dish and toilet roll holder.  Ceiling light.

Maids Room

Ceiling light, wall paper to bottom half of walls with border.  Beige carpet.  Skirting board. 


Wallpaper with ducks and umbrella’s in nursery style.  White skirting board (on one wall)  and coving to ceiling.  Blue ceiling light.  Model dolls house, book case.  Beige carpet.

Master Bedroom

Orange coloured wall light (2 bulbs).  Green carpet.  Double bed, fireplace. Wallpaper is William Morris.

Dining Room

MacIntosh wallpaper, beige carpet, ’lit’ fireplace, MacIntosh dining table and 2 chairs, White skirting board and coving.  Rug.

Living Room

Red patterned carpet, wallpapered with central dado rail, skirting board and coving to ceiling.  Ceiling light and matching table lamp.


Both flight of stairs wallpapered and carpeted with gold affect stair rods.

Basement with 2 rooms – both larger than the rooms in the main house due to not having stairs inbetween.

Also included:  Reuter kitchen sink (with dishes piled up, soap and tea towel!), MacIntosh kitchen  dresser, topiary trees, unused rolls of wallpaper, vintage phone (with working dial), cat, books, dishes, fish in fish bowl, food items, fire place, wall candle holder, letter box, wall light switches……  too many things to list but not all pictured.

Selling due to now having a toddler!  Front door is slightly damaged (by toddler) – it may be fixable but having enquired with DHE a new one would cost only £11 approx.


£350 ono

Tel: 07583 753071

Please click on images for larger photos .  

Pb180088 060213.jpg (89645 bytes)  Pb180072 060213.jpg (82939 bytes)  P1200165 060213.jpg (65343 bytes) P1200166 060213.jpg (70897 bytes)  P1200167 060213.jpg (61370 bytes)

P1200168 060213.jpg (77015 bytes)  P1200169 060213.jpg (57777 bytes)  P1200170 060213.jpg (81410 bytes)















Large Georgian-Style Dolls House for sale

Dimensions: Height 76cm (30”), Width 94cm (37”), Depth 46cm (18”) .

This Dolls House has 6 main rooms over three floors with spacious ground floor hall and landings.

Little used and in no way abused!  Light varnish to exterior, some simple wallpapering and flooring to main rooms (easily removable).  Lampshades to 6 rooms.

All rooms are copper tape wired for ceiling lights (two aren’t working but I am assured that this is a simple problem to fix for a Dolls House enthusiast!).

Priced at 250 to be paid by cash on collection from Stafford.  (Open to reasonable offers.)

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to arrange to view prior to purchase.


Please click on images for larger photos .

Dollshouse 1-1 4 10 12.jpg (75247 bytes)  Dollshouse 2-1 4 10 12.jpg (78038 bytes)  Dollshouse 3-1 4 10 12.jpg (65529 bytes)  Dollshouse 4-1  4 10 12.jpg (63980 bytes)  





Georgian house for sale.  

Height 33   width 36    depth 18,   7 rooms,   3 lights installed,  wooden internal doors, needs magnets putting on external door but decorated in and out,ready to go to good home. 

Hand made solid wood very heavy.  

250 pounds or nearest offer.

Cash on collection

Please click on images for larger photos

P1270781 290113.jpg (86358 bytes)   P1270782 290113.jpg (70419 bytes)






















Absolutely wonderful example of a lovingly handmade Tudor Style dolls house. With four rooms and landing all completely furnished.

Parlour, Living Room, Main Bedroom, Bathroom

We also have available additional room furnishings for a study and outside garden accessories, should you need or wish to change things round.

Dimensions are as follows:

Height = 770mm   Depth  = 400mm   Width = 720mm

Price for complete house, furnishings and other accessories = 

£400.00. ONO   SORRY - NOW SOLD

   Cash on Collection

Please click on images for larger photos

Dsc00244 16 07 12 67kb.jpg (75221 bytes)  Dsc00245 16 07 12.jpg (90405 bytes)  Dsc00273 16 07 12 87kb.jpg (87402 bytes)  Dsc00258 16 07 12 97kb.jpg (97195 bytes)  

Dsc00262 16 07 12  95kb.jpg (95783 bytes)  Dsc00269 16 07 12 88kb.jpg (88962 bytes)  Dsc00270 16 07 12 91kb.jpg (91319 bytes)  Dsc00279 16 07 12 100kb.jpg (100594 bytes) 

Dsc00284 16 07 12 66kb.jpg (66036 bytes)  Dsc00286 16 07 12 99kb.jpg (99741 bytes)  Dsc00288 16 07 12 100kb.jpg (100688 bytes)  Dsc00296  16 07 12 97kb.jpg (97848 bytes)

Dsc00297  16 07 12 90kb.jpg (90048 bytes)


Archived Postings - lots and lots to view.  Compare the prices asked.  Try them, they may still wish to sell.

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